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Anthony Williams says...
Looking for the balance of books I was to receive with my order. Please follow up to indicate the status.
Thank you.
17th November 2014 8:57am
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meg says...
your email links do not work sometimes
30th October 2014 7:04pm
Darren says...
Where is the content of the site. There doesn't appear to be any actual content.
23rd October 2014 9:00pm
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Michael Lark says...
I want a refund of what i pad for the Darkest Days and the other $49 I paid for the other programs that i paid for. NOT satisfied. Who do I contact, how do I do this? Where do I return the book? I sent emails twice last week. Have YET to get a reply of any kind. Is this a scam? the promise was full refund, no questions asked if not satisfied.
29th July 2014 8:57pm
Sam says...
Call your bank.
6th August 2014 9:11pm
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