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Bug-Out-Bag Essentials

bug out bags

Bug-out-bag essentials will vary depnding on the bug-out situation and survival skills that you may have. Unless you can provide an alternative means to the below mentioned essentials you should have atleast the following survival items in your bug-out-bag at all times:

  • Water (1 gallon/person/day)
  • Food (easy to cook/requires no cooking/ready to eat meals)
  • Fire Starter (flint/water proof matches)
  • Emergency Blanket (shelter/warmth)
  • First Aid Kit and Medicine

Anything you add on to the above items is no longer an essential and it's considered an add-on to your bug-out-bag.

When deciding on what add-ons to pack in your bug-out-bag, you need to decide what survival situation you may encounter and need. Is it a 72 hour bug-out-pack designed to keep you alive three days? Is it your get to the mountains bag, designed to be used to not only get you to the montains, but to survive in the mountatins?

Whatever you intend for your bug-out-bag, these things should be considered for your add-on survival needs:

  • Shelter
  • Blanket / Sleeping Bag
  • Knife / Multi-tool
  • Flashlight
  • Cordadge
  • 550 paracord
  • Clothing
  • Weapons
  • Tolietries
  • Communications
  • Money / Items to Barter
  • Cooking Pot

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barbara says...
Are supposedly nine year olds allowed to leave comments as the one above did. Sean on the 20th of September2016 12:11pm. I do not approve of such things. That is the reason why we are as we are here in the United States. Children need to be disciplened not allowed to do as this one does. Maybe you approve of someone calling another stupid but I do not.
24th July 2017 5:27pm
Alan G says...
This is inline with my thinking.

The rule of 2\'s says:

you can live 2 minutes with out air (think about a nasty cut that stops blood from flowing to the brain).

you can live 2 days without water

you can live 2 weeks without food.

some may say this should be the rule of 3\'s...whatever. the priorities are what are critical.

btw, make sure you first aid kit has more than bandaids, you may need a tourniquet to prevent blood loss. IMPORTANT!!!

25th March 2016 10:06am
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Mike r says...
These essentials make perfect since. What are the very top items you want in your bag? It's these items.
21st June 2015 9:55pm
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Dave Sullivan says...
I'd like to know what are the essentials for a bug out bag
28th October 2014 4:58pm
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