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tatianna sledd says...
I only ordered a book---I did NOT join the community !!! I want to cancel the book order .
21st March 2018 8:52am
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Tatianna Sledd says...
I mailed back survivor md and have not been refunded to my credit card. I have the tracking number and the usps says it was delivered on August 20th. The order number is ar3x4n4s. The tracking number is.........9549 0107 1842 7231 0685 68.....please refund my money.
9th September 2017 12:56pm
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Bradley Cody says...
I wish to cancel the subscription or purchase. It is not what I was looking for and wish to claim a refund. Thank You Bradley Cody
16th October 2016 10:24pm
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Terry Edwards says...
I ordered \"conquering the coming collapse\". The cost of this product was $39.22 total. I also ordered \" Basic ultimate Preparedness\". Total of $51.00. A grand total of $90.22 was put on click bank. I had no idea until I received the click bank statement that these two products were did you don\'t e-books. Since I have no computer to use or a printer these products are not inappropriate for me. Please refund my full order and let me know when that\'s completed Read More
28th June 2016 12:18pm
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RShallis says...
Having been trying for a long long time to get my name off email. Please do not send anymore emails.................
6th April 2016 1:44pm
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